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Waterproofing Home Improvement Services
Waterproofing Home Improvement Services - Protect Your Home

With the severe weather we cope with here in the sunshine state, water damage is an issue that should not be taken lightly. New Visions Professional Painting has solutions to protect your stucco or concrete homes from heavy rains.

Home Repair Improvements
Cracking And Chalking Thin Paint

Cracking in the exterior of stucco structures is commonplace. This can be caused by erosion, settling, or extreme weather conditions. These cracks eventually begin to take on water and can cause real problems for your home, leading to water damage. We have just the right products to seal these cracks to the point where they are water tight and stronger than the rest of your home.

Home Improvement Painting And Waterproofing Services
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With our array of waterproofing elastomeric products at hand, we are qualified to waterproof virtually any structure. By applying a thick rubbery coating that will allow moisture out, but not into your home we can make sure you are protected from even the most severe weather conditions.

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