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Volusia Condo Exteriors
Painters Of Volusia Condo Exteriors


Check out our exclusive condo page. With our ability to keep residents and condo/apartment owner's informed and without inconvenience, we have built a great reputation painting these colossal buildings. We use only top quality products, keep every job site very clean, and diligently complete each project with speed and accuracy. Call for a free estimate today! of these buildings and we will be painting the interior this winter.

Commercial Painting Of Norwoods Seafood Restaurant
Painters Of Norwood's Seafood Restaurant


Perhaps no restaurant and wine shop is better known or quite as popular as Norwood's Seafood Restaurant, located just on the east side of New Smyrna's South causeway. We made the exterior painting on this building a bright yellow color, which according to studies is said to entice hunger. Besides the creative trim painting we are also responsible for the metallic copper paint on the interior of the restaurant.

Commercial Painting Of PJs Sea Shack
Painters Of PJ's Sea Shack


This now lime green seafood restaurant was once a charcoal black structure that was easily driven by without notice. While we did not choose the somewhat "Controversial Color" that is either loved or detested by the masses, it is sure to never be overlooked again. This eye popping color took 5 coats to apply over the black and can most likely be seen from the moon on a clear night!

Commercial Painting Of Massey Ranch Airpark Hangars
Painters Of Massey Ranch Airpark Hangars


Edgewater's beautiful runway and Hangar district has needed quite a bit of attention from New Visions Painting over the years. We started by painting some of the hangar interiors from the vinyl ceilings all the way down to the epoxy floors. We have also kept up the exterior maintenance for 6 years now. From pressure washing the siding, to grinding away rust, and epoxying anything necessary, we have certainly been there to keep these buildings looking like new.

Commercial Painting Of The Food Lion
Painters Of The Food Lion


Continuing our tradition of painting and acquiring food at the very same place, we also coated a portion of New Smyrna Beach's Food Lion. The Exterior walkway ceilings right on into the bright white foyer you are greeted with at the entrance were all painted by New Visions Painting along with several other sections that needed some attention. A first in the world of transporting paint using a shopping cart!

Commercial Painting Of Flip Flops Grill and Chill
Painters Of Flip Flops Grill & Chill


Who could forget New Smyrna's seafood gem, polished by the culinary skills of 2008's Hells Kitchen winner, Chef Danny Veltri. We painted the interior of this restaurant to the crimson and black colors it is now. The building used to be a Shells Seafood half a decade ago and took some real love and attention to make it the masterfully coated establishment that it is today.

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